Comprehensive Reading Framework
Teacher Resources
The following resources support the implementation of the Comprehensive Reading Framework.  Please visit the attached "links" for "ready to use" teaching resources.

 Explicit Instruction for Comprehension    

     *Steps in Explicit Instruction

     *Summarizing Passages
     *Summarizing beginning, middle, end
     *Summarizing Exit Tickets
     *Main Ideas/Events Wheel
 Generating Questions

     *Explicit Instruction in Questioning
     *Questioning As We Read
     *Explicit Instruction in Clarifying 

     *Explicit Instruction in Visualizing
     *Visualizing and Remembering log
 Graphic organizers for Comprehension

     *Thinking and Response Log
     *Thinking and Response Log #2
     *Thinking and Response Log #3
     *Processing Text As We Read

 Discussion Groups/Protocols

     *Chalk Walk
     *Thumbs Up                                             
     *The First Word
     *The Final Word


     *Explicit Instruction in Inference
     *Passages for Inference Practice
     *Making Inferences T-Chart

      *Research-based instruction
      *Vocabulary "Five Questions" Activity
 Predicting (before, during, after reading)

     *Explicit Instruction in Prediction
     *Passages for Predicting
     *Prediction Graphic Organizer
 Sample Weekly Lesson Plan

      *Completed sample plans
      *Reading Planner Template                

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