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"Stopping the Pendulum": Comprehensive Reading Instruction that Works for All Students

The Comprehensive Reading Framework (CRF) provides a model for research-based reading instruction based on what extensive research has identified as “best practice” in vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, independent reading, and use of academic learning time.  The framework places high emphasis on explicit instruction in vocabulary words and strategies and reading comprehension strategies, with ample modeling and practice for application and mastery.  The CRF also offers all students  regular opportunities to read grade-appropriate texts, as well as time to read and apply strategies to self-chosen texts.

Since the fall of 2008, the CRF has been implemented with fidelity in the school where I currently serve as School Improvement Strategist.  Students’ reading achievement has shown substantial gains, including students in subgroups such as English Language Learners, low socio-economic backgrounds, and students receiving special education services.

 The Comprehensive Reading Framework can “Stop the Pendulum” and help teachers provide       effective reading instruction that will help all students succeed.  

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