Comprehensive Reading Framework
Components of Comprehensive Reading Framework (for each week of reading instruction using a basal story, novel,  trade book, or another instructional text):

Whole Group Instruction
45-60 Minutes/Day:
Independent/Partner/Small Group Work
30-45 Minutes/Day:

Explicit instruction/modeling in                                             Practice applying comprehension strategy to text
                                research-based                                                                  with a partner  (1-2 days per week)
                                comprehension strategy   (2 days per week)

                                Partner/small group guided                                                  Independent application of comprehension strategy
                                practice in comprehension                                                    to text  (1-2 days per week)
                                strategy   (1-2 days per week)


Explicit instruction in 6-10 new words                                    Partner/Small group activities for interaction with                                 modeling structural analysis and use of                                 vocabulary words  (1-2 days per week)
                                context clues   (2 days per week)

                                Whole group practice/activities with words                             Independent engagement/interaction with vocabulary
                                (2 days per week)                                                               words   (1-2 days per week)


                                Reading of Instructional Text:
Teacher-facilitated reading of portions or all                           Independent or partner reading of instructional
                                of the text and discussion using pre-planned                           text  (4-5 days per week)
                                questions   (4-5 days per week)

                                Discussion groups/Literature Circles/Book Clubs
                                (1-2 days per week)

Explicit instruction in writing skills/formats                             Small group/partner practice with writing skills 
                                (2 days per week)                                                               (1-2 days per week)

                                Guided practice or shared, interactive writing                        Independent practice with wriiting skills/format
                                (1-2 days per week)                                                           (1-2 days per week)

                                Spelling/Grammar:  During vocabulary and 
                                writing instruction  (2-3 days per week)


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